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City of Big Timber

103 Third Avenue East

PO Box 416

Big Timber, Montana 59011

Phone: 406-932-5610

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Transfer Station

19 Timber Lane

Phone: 406-932-5741

The City of Big Timber, in cooperation with Allied Waste Inc., has expanded recycling opportunities for the community. Recycling is part of a larger plan being put forth by the Big Timber City Council to reduce the mass of garbage which is currently being hauled to Logan Landfill.

The cost to the taxpayers of Big Timber to pick up, haul and tip garbage is, on average, $29,000.00 per month. It is hoped the residents of Big Timber will enthusiastically participate in this recycling program thus reducing and changing the way in which we dispose of our garbage.

The Big Timber City Council is considering a new “bag &/or tag system” for garbage disposal - a “pay for the service you use” program, which will reward residents who recycle, by reducing their garbage service costs.

Save for Future Reference

Where, What & How to Recycle

Recycle Bins (located at the High School & Transfer Station):

* Newspaper (w/flyers), * Magazines,

* Catalogs, * Phone Books.

Aluminum Cans: To check if a can is Aluminum use your refrigerator magnet-if it sticks it isn’t Aluminum

Recycle at Transfer Station:

Mon. & Wed. – 1:30 to 4:00 PM

Sat. 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

* Cardboard, * Office Paper,

* Plastic Bottles (1-7) must have a screw on neck,

* Tin Cans – to check if a can is tin use your refrigerator magnet-if it sticks it is tin,

* Batteries, * Tires, * Steel & White Goods (old appliances),

* Aluminum-Copper-Brass.

Contact Allied Waste for Construction Waste Removal.

Christopher Loughridge

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Tammy Kober

Assistant Superintendant


Justin Siegfried

Assistant Superintendent


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