Citizens may address the Council regarding any item of City business that is NOT on this agenda during the public comment periods. Each individual is limited to 3 minutes and NO action will be taken. If anyone would like to comment regarding an item that IS on the agenda, please wait until the agenda item has been presented to the Council by the Mayor and the Mayor asks for public comments.

The 2021-2022 Municipal Budget is now on file at the office of the City Clerk,

and open for inspection at Big Timber City Hall.



Mayor and Council

Rolland Karlin

(406) 930-0153

Leonard Woehler

Ward 1

(916) 502-5625

Ken Rockeman

Ward 1

(406) 932-5652

Daniel Thomasson

Ward 2

(406) 932-5692

Justin Ferguson

Ward 2

(406) 932-5944

Council Committees

  • Law Enforcement - Karlin, Thomasson, and Woehler
  • Streets - Thomasson, and Woehler
  • Water - Rockeman, and Ferguson
  • Solid Waste - Thomasson, and Woehler
  • Parks & Playground - Karlin, Ferguson, and Rockeman
  • Fire Department - Ferguson, and Rockeman
  • Finance - All
  • Sewer - Ferguson, and Woehler
  • Labor Management - Rockeman, and Thomasson
  • Addictive Disorders - Karlin, and Thomasson
  • Chamber of Commerce - Karlin